The World of Sector 70

In the noir-ish dystopian future of Sector 70, prosperity belongs to the few - and those determined to take it. Jarron Brenner did well by the system until his body was invaded by the technology he helped to sell. After a series of traumatic events, a mysterious agent Miranda May takes it upon herself to help save Jarron's life. Soon, however, they find themselves hunted by the shadowy forces of a conspiracy to dominate humanity's very soul.

Tiny Little Murderous Machines is an enthralling mix of Hong Kong style action and X-Files atmosphere.  It is an epic story of man versus destiny. It offers a fascinating new mythology, a strong protagonist, a sexy heroine, villains more bad-ass than The Matrix’s Agent Smith on steroids, and martial arts action-a-plenty. It thrusts us into a frightening dark future where even the strong might not survive and truth and illusion are one in the same. It’s an in-your-face wushu assault with super being against super being with the stakes nothing less than humanity’s destiny.

Tiny Little Murderous Machines will become become a sci-fi action favorite for a new generation of fans.

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