Director Dean Gold

Dean Gold is a filmmaker of unique versatility and a distinct storyteller. A writer, director, and producer, Dean Gold's vision shines through each film he makes. He regularly edits all of his work.

He has also performed as a cinematographer, an editor, a production designer, production manager and a visual effects supervisor. His experience includes casting all his talent, production budgeting, and poster design.

He is not limited to any genre. He has worked in various production styles from guerilla filmmaking and improvisational comedy, to detailed planning of cinematic concept driven music videos. From writing producing and directing a sci-fi thriller feature with martial arts action to music and dance documentaries to the epic rock 'n roll Musical Vampire Blues, Dean Gold's film repertoire continues to grow. Dean is based in Los Angeles.

What others say about Dean

"I really enjoyed Vampire Blues!" - Carlo Trulli Owner/Executive Producer of Spy Films

"Your work is bold and fearless, which I like, and you have good visual ideas." - Paul Boyd, Veteran Music Video Director/Producer (former Head of Production, Dave Stewart Entertainment)

"Looked over your stuff. Very Cool!" - Christopher Salzgeber, Owner/Executive Producer of Draw Pictures

"I love your style!" - Tom "Smitty" Smith, SP Unlimited

"Jeez Dean, your work just keeps getting better and better!" - Mark Netter - Producer/Director "Nightmare Code" & VP Strategy, Revolve Agency

"A very talented filmmaker...Amazing!" - Kerri Kasem, Radio D.J. and TV personality

"I'm impressed!" - Josh Needleman - Senior Game Designer - Rockstar Games

"So talented and out-of-the-box and I love that very much...you are amazing" - Gina Banic - Makeup & Hair Artist

[Vampire Blues] "Incredibly well done...one of my favorite music videos in a good while" - Jerry Smith, Icons of Fright

[Bury My Soul] "I like what you do I like how you do it." - Roger Mende, Film Producer/Cinematographer

"A surprising treat and a great treatment of the song - going right to the lyrics and sounds." - Carmen Castro VP, Efin Records, Producer Grok Rock Radio Show

"[The Vanquisher] Wow man...love it!" - Kevin Kloeker, Director of Video Productions Capital Records

[Vampire Blues] "Sexy, fun, and frightening" - We Are Indie Horror

"Good stuff! Nice visuals. Innovative!" - Sandy McKnight, Music Producer

"Nice work! "- Larry Goetz, Music Producer

"Wow. Great imagery, man. Well done." - Terry Huud, Music Composer

"Wow! That %#*@ was bad asss! Thats all I can say, Those vids put Thriller to shame! " - "Big" Chris Flores, Music Producer

"I dig it!" - Mark Wells, musician, producer, composer

Selected Filmography

  • Dead Day Revolution: Vampire Blues

    Music Video/Short Film

    Dead Day Revolution Vampire Blues is a mini rock opera with a take-no-prisoners attitude that real rock 'n roll is all about. The song Vampyre Blues is about a youth petrified over the sexual power his sinister ex has over him. I took those ideas and amplified them with cinematic experience full of outrageous gags and pulse-pounding thrills.

    In 1962, a young couple on a date in a drive in movie theater gets the surprise of their lives when the guy's ex drops in for a bite!

    Written, Directed, Produced, Edited, & Production Designed by Dean Gold

    Starring Dead Day Revolution, Reka Rene, Adam Joseph Daniels, Erika Apelgren, Jhoanna Trias, and Kaycee Duale

  • Dead Day Revolution: Bury My Soul

    Music Video

    Dead Day Revolution: Bury My Soul exudes atmospherics and symbolism to depict the surreal and unsettling world of emotions and thoughts askew as expressed by the storyteller of the song, the song's singer. The Singer expresses internal and external struggle with love, self-identity, and alienation. Ultimately, the film is a subversion of standard notions of love. Appearing on screen as Dead Day Revolution singer Mike Sandoz, The Singer's alter-ego is the Handsome Man, depicted by a handsome young actor playing opposite to the Beautiful Woman. The music video is a moving art gallery and invites repeat viewings and induces the audience to imagine a world of things and possibilities beyond the edges of the frame.

    Written, Directed, Produced, Edited, & Production Designed by Dean Gold

    Starring Dead Day Revolution, Kendall Sinclair and Andrew Scott

  • Go Your Way

    Music Video

    Go Your Way, featuring David Amron depicts a psychological competition between The Singer (David Amron) and the object of his affection and frustration - "The Diva". Go Your Way is characterized by a whimsical, sometimes ironic, playful tone that is punctuated by arresting visuals and stylized camera movements. The groovy piece for a bluesy song is filled fun, energy, style, and choreographed dancing.

    Go Your Way Written, Directed, Produced, Edited & Production Designed By Dean Gold

  • Sex Death and Rock 'n Roll: The Making of Vampire Blues


    Sex Death and Rock n' Roll: The Making of Vampire Blues documents the deliciously depraved journey of writer-director Dean Gold's work with Dead Day Revolution to craft the ultimate rock opera of the 21st century.

    Get a glimpse into the creative process that brought this wild vision to life and hear from eye witness survivors of the production.

    Directed Produced & Edited by Dean Gold

    With Dead Day Revolution, Dean Gold, Reka Rene, Adam Joseph Daniels, Erika Apelgren, Jhoanna Trias, and Kaycee Duale

    Behind-the-Scenes Videography by Eric Golowski / Additional Videography by Jackie Gomez, Seth Wessel-Estes, and Mitchell Langon

    30 minutes
  • The Making of Bury My Soul


    The Making of Bury My Soul documents the behind the scenes of writer-director Dean Gold's collaboration with Dead Day Revolution. This time around we get into some fun theatrical makeup and put the band and actors in a post modern realm of love and war.

    Directed Produced & Edited by Dean Gold

    With Dead Day Revolution, Dean Gold, Kendall Sinclair, Andrew Scott, Will Turner, Kate Oja, Gina Banic, Viola Perkins

  • Beyond A Black Camera

    Short Film

    Existing between the walls of a Dean Gold film set, Beyond a Black Camera is an experience bending time and space into a symphony for interdimensional travelers.

    Directed, Produced, and Edited By Dean Gold

  • Dead Day Revolution - Wait

    Music Video

    Coming Soon.

    Directed, Produced, and Edited By Dean Gold

  • V.A.N.Q.U.I.S.H.E.R.

    Feature Film (Sci-Fi Action)

    A man fights to escape Sector 70 before enemy super-soldiers or the unstable nanobots in his blood explode his every organ. V.A.N.Q.U.I.S.H.E.R. is an enthralling mix of Hong Kong action and X-Files atmosphere. It is an epic story of man versus destiny.

    Written, Directed, Produced, Shot, Edited & Production Designed By Dean Gold

    Releasing in 2017.

  • Soul of the Dancer


    The beat is a lifeline for every breath. Experience a spiritual celebration of life and self expression through the oldest form of dance. Soul of the Dancer is a revealing portrait into passionate souls of blissful artists of the dance.

    Witness belly dance like you have never experienced it before through the eyes of world class performers.

    Directed, Produced, Shot, & Edited By Dean Gold

    Coming Soon