Making Vampire Blues

Making Vampire Blues with Dean Gold and Dead Day Revolution from Dean Gold on Vimeo.

  • Sex, Death and Rock 'N Roll - A Glimpse Behind the Carnage of Vampire Blues

    Sex Death and Rock n' Roll: The Making of Vampire Blues documents the deliciously depraved journey of writer-director Dean Gold's collaboration with Dead Day Revolution to craft the ultimate rock opera of the 21st century.

    Get a glimpse into the creative process that brought this wild vision to life and hear from eye witness survivors of the production.

    Directed Produced & Edited by Dean Gold

    With Dead Day Revolution, Dean Gold, Reka Rene, Adam Joseph Daniels, Erika Apelgren, Jhoanna Trias, and Kaycee Duale

    Behind-the-Scenes Videography by Eric Golowski / Additional Videography by Jackie Gomez, Seth Wessel-Estes, and Mitchell Langon

    30 minutes