As writer, director and producer, Dean Gold is the creative engine that drives Tiny Little Murderous Machines. On top of that, he's also Director of Photography and Editor. Dean is taking a cue from the Robert Rodriguez school of filmmaking. Relentlessly driven, he oversees every business and creative decision of the production. Tiny Little Murderous Machines is many things to him: “an ambitious mini-epic, future-noir, martial arts mayhem, political satire - with a little humor, a little weirdness, a lot of heart – with a couple of naked mutants for good measure.”

Dean is particularly proud of the fine cast painstakingly assembled to bring his menagerie of characters alive. In particular, “Ben and Dominika have both proven to me what I instinctively believed when I cast them: that they were fantastic choices for my leads. Gil Navarra is a powerhouses in his supporting role. And I'm giddy whenever we get to shoot with Michael Fallon."

He has numerous projects in development and hints that Tiny Little Murderous Machines may become a franchise.

Watch Dean on the set of Tiny Little Murderous Machines directing a scene.

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