Dean Gold Director, Writer, Producer

Dean Gold is the creative force behind the The Vanquisher.

Ben Seton and Gil Navarra Fight Choreography

Ben Seton and Gil Navarra have brought their "A" Game to martial arts choreography on The Vanquisher.

Glenn Lee Dicus

Glenn is a filmmaking warrior that does whatever it takes to make anything on set happen. The Vanquisher.

Joseph Gonzales

Joseph Gonzales has been a tremendous asset to making things happen on The Vanquisher.

Troy Davis Associate Producer

Troy's other-wordly insights give The Vanquisher metaphysical dominance over other low budget films.

Dan Velez Casting Director

Dan Velez started his work in casting independently by forming his own company, Dan V Casting. In the short time he has been working, he has been involved in almost 50 projects, including the feature films Tenebrous, and Shadowheart, and the Television Pilot 1000 Ways To Die, for Original Productions. Dan, has joined Casting Director Carla Hool (Apocalypto,Man On Fire, Vantage Point)and helped her open her Los Angeles office. With Carla, Dan has worked on Quantum of Solace and the independent features Alina and Outcast.

Dan has worked very closely with writer, director, producer Dean Gold on The Vanquisher to insure that every role, from day players to leads has been filled with the most talented and appropriate actors. He commends Dean on his Independent drive, and is honored to have been a part of his film.

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