Born in Szczecin, Poland, Dominika Wolski emigrated to North America at the age of 7. She began acting and writing stories at the same time as a youngster and her work, both on and off screen, reflects a mixture of classical and rebellious influences. Dominika describes her takes on Miranda May her character, Miranda May, as a mix of Lilu Dallas and La Femme Nikita as she moves from demure infiltration of an embassy to stylized action scenes.

She plays classical piano and speaks Polish, French and English . Since switching to a serious pursuit of a film career in 2001, Dominika has guest starred on almost every series on the West Coast Vancouver film scene including Under the Cover in which she wrote and starred.

Dominika's striking model features are often compared to those of a young Uma Thurman and her natural energy is likened to Cameron Diaz: the tall gamine's physique is deceiving to some degree since Dominika was part of a national volleyball recruit camp for the Olympic Games and enjoys a variety of sports. Dominika's recurring role in Jpod aired in spring 2008.