Ben Seton has landed on LA shores from the land down under! Known for his TV appearances of "Beastmaster" and "The Lost World" Ben has also carved his name in Australian and international stage by combining martial arts and Shakespeare into a unique show called, "TaeKwonShakespeare". He has toured Australia in several shows for acclaimed theatrical company, Brainstorm Productions.

Recently seen on Fox networks "On The Lot" he starred in two films "Teri" & "The Golf Story" and Myspaces' "Roommates". Soon to be released, Ben is the lead in a controversial Australian film The Dinner Party starring alongside Lara Cox. Acting and martials arts are passions that have naturally melded together influencing Ben throughout his career.

Ben says "Playing Jarron Brenner in Tiny Little Murderous Machines has deepened my love of the action genre and I can't wait to push the boundaries even further, with or without nanobots".

Ben plays Jarron Brenner, Tiny Little Murderous Machines's protagonist. His on screen chemistry with actress Dominika Wolski is a hallmark of Tiny Little Murderous Machines.